Next-Gen Solutions in DefenceTechnologies


Software Development

Technology Development software developers have implemented a range of software solutions, often with demanding time constraints and highly complex technologies.More Information...

Training / Simulation Technologies

Driven by the advances in gaming technologies, BITES utilized a game engine with the capability of operating fidelity levels suitable for virtual simulation visualization. The utilization of the BITES visualization -engine has proved to be an enormous leap forward in the field of virtual simulation visualization..More Information...

Geospatial Intelligence

GEOINT at your SERVICE BITES pioneers next-generation geospatial data processing, GEOINT exploitation and dissemination, and advanced sensors for the commercial and defense markets. Our R&D investment is focused on geospatial products on-demand, integration of geo-referenced data from different sources like optic satellite imagery, SAR imagery or LIDAR data acquired with unmanned aerial vehicles and integrating all these geo-information to our in house built GIS based interface. Blended with BITES products and services, we truly provide our customers with GEOINT delivered on demand. BITES creates high resolution, high accuracy on demand imagery, feature and elevation data sets: • Imagery Data • Feature Data • Terrain Data • 3D Data BITES aims to bring together all these Geospatial data with the web. In other words, our GIS framework enables the integration of geospatial data including 3D data with Internet. It easily connects the user to Google Earth© or Bing Maps© with its built-own browser and provides access to features like Streetview, KML production and export. Moreover, it allows users to build spatial queries, import large satellite imagery from different resources, import vector file, edit, perform analysis and share with others. The user-friendly interface is compact, contextual and compatible with smart phones or a tablet. In addition, along with its government and commercial partners, BITES has been working on the technology and operational concept of detecting potential military targets obscured by dense trees utilizing an airborne laser radar sensor and sophisticated image processing. . More Information...

Augmented Reality Applications

We provide Augmented Reality (AR) applications, which is a cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting the user with more meaningful content in your everyday life. More Information...